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Kostel Povýšení svatého Kříže (St. Cross Elevation Church)

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Site Stara Wieś koło Wi lamowic

History Current appearance of the church is a result of several significant architectonic adjustment that took place in 1787, 1883 and 1926. Apart from that considerable changes were carried out in 1939, 1913, and 1911. The church is situated on an elevated terrain, encircled with trees and a cemetery from the northern side. Together with the neighbouring rectory building from 19th century and wooden building of former rectory school it composes a picturesque architectonical complex. Wooden sanctuary was built in the form of a log object with a tower on columns. It is encircled with chapels with Stations of the Cross. It was restored in 1530, which is disclosed by the inscription read from the triumphal arc of the church: ITA ECCESIA AEDIFICATA IN HONOREM DEI ET BEATE DEI GENITRICIS MARIE ET IN HONOREM SANCTE CRUCIS (This church was built in honour of God and the Mother of God and in honour of Saint Cross). The main altar holds the painting of the Mother of God with St. Catherine and Barbara from the beginning of 16th century that is probably a part of an unpreserved triptych. Worth mentioning is also the Baroque and Rococo mobiliary of the church including portable altars: neo-Baroque on a plate with picture of Rosary Mother of God and Crucified Christ and late Baroque from 1732 with paintings of Holy family and Saint

Jan Kante. The church was unluckily covered with cement asbestos in 1913 and 1939, first the core and then the belfry.

Masses Sunday: 7:00, 7:30, 11:00, 16:00. 16:30

Weekdays: 6:30

Contact Address: 43-330 Wilamowice,
ul. Paderewskiego 9,
tel. (0-prefix-33) 845-73-66,
wikary (0-prefix-33) 845-70-54

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