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Defunct chateau in Horní Domaslavice

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The place of now gone chateau and courtyard in Horní Domaslavice is located on the north boarder of Horní Domaslavice behind a house no 115/4, in prone terrains between the road leading from the highest part of Dolní Domaslavice (Vidíkov) to Horní Domaslavice and a downhill towards the right bank of the river Lučina; where the tidal area does not extend to. Through the former courtyard runs a forest road leading from Horní Domaslavice to the Church of St. James in Dolní Domaslavice. The real place of the chateau is on the left from this road towards the slope into the Lučina valley and today, it is marked by an information board explaining history of this long gone chateau. On the right side of the road in the slope right beneath the mentioned road, there is a restored Chapel of St. Anne. Chateau in Horní Domaslavice had been built by the Grohmann family by the end of 18th century. In early 20th century it had been kept by a baron from Mattencloit. The chateau character had not anyhow differed from other chateaux around - Ropice or Horní Tošanovice. It was a one-storey building of a rectangular ground plan with a gambrel roof. In today?s area, there can be found only farm buildings preserved.

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