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Former chateau and its park in Paskov

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the village by a pedestrian elongated afore-chateau area with a high tower in the middle. There, on the tower, is installed a big clock. In front of the chateau entrance stand two religious sculptures ? St. Jan Nepomucký and St. Šebestián. A baroque chateau was built in 1640-1646 during the reign of Václav from Vrbno, on the place of a former fortress. It had gradually belonged to many noble families and in 1869 after a fire, a count Mořic from Saint Genois had it rebuilt into today?s appearance of four-winged chateau with a gambrel roof and neo-Augustan facade. After the WW II in 1945, the whole property of the last owner Otto Stolberg was expropriated and the chateau was then converted into a hospital. Therefore, its previous mission of the chateau had changed and to a great extent it had also negatively influenced the historical principle of the building.

The park, today called Kirilovův, in the memory of a soldier of the Red Army ? Vasilij A. Kirilov, a casualty in a battle of Paskov; it has several benches and comfortable sitting in the surrounding of many aged trees. The park used to be a chateau garden.

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