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Kostel sv. Kateřiny v Pielgrzymo wicích (St. Catherine?s Church in Pielgrzymowice)

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Site Pielgrzymowice

History Wooden church built in 1675 ? 1680 in the place of former sanctuary (carpenters: A. Werner and B. Duda) using the Church?s money, whereas the wood and the transport was procured by the patron; protocol of 1679 also mentions that the tower is distant from the church (?aliquantum ab ecclesia remota?), later it was annexed to the aisle (protocol of 1688), but is was already old, with the decayed roof (?antiquum cum tecto putrido?); finally a new tower was built in 1746 (Jerzy Dziędzieł with his son Michał and Marcin Smyczek); the death belfry was also annexed later (1746?), because in 1688 id did not exist yet; thanks to the protocol of 1679 we also know the dimensions of the previous church: 28 x 13 ells (17.58 x 8.16 m). Present church was extended in 1908 ? 1911; it is of log type on the brick superstructure. The tower is framed; the presbytery is trilateral and enclosed; the aisle is a prolonged rectangle; chapel is on the left side of the aisle; in the aisle, presbytery and chapel there is a cradle vault, whereas the vault in the aisle is very flattened. There is a protective roof around the church.
The altars are from late Baroque period (18th century); the pulpit is Baroque; the incensory from 1st half of 18th century (Regence style) with municipal emblem of Nysy and IGP sign (probably Ioannes Georgius Pfister).

Masses Holy Masses on Sundays: 7.30; 9.30; 11.00

- Mo, Tue, Wed ? 6:30

- Thu ? 18:00

- Fri, Sat ? 6:30


Contact ul. Karola Miarki 6

43-253 Pielgrzymowice

tel. +48 32 472 30 82



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