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Kostel sv. Jana Křtitele v Grzawě (John the Baptist?s Church in Grzawa)

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History Built probably at the beginning of 16th century; in the period from 1580 to 1651 it was held by protestants; in 1628, the church in Grzawa (together with the church in Miedźna) was visited by protestant Dean of Pszczyńa, priest Johannes Hoffmann. In 1651 the church was regained by Catholics; the church was reconstructed in 1690; it is of log structure, the tower is framed; oak beams are well visible from the outside, on which there is foundation of the church walls; the presbytery is enclosed by a simple wall; the sacristy is of the same length as the presbytery; the aisle is rectangular with almost same length of the sides; the ceilings inside are flat; the church is encircled with chapels from outside opened around the aisle and presbytery, but enclosed around the tower.
The main altar ? last quarter of the 17th century. It was renovated in 1870 by Karol Stankiewicz, painter and gold plater from Kęty; two side altars are from Baroque period (17th century) as well as the organ; pews and the bench for the patron of the church are from Baroque period as well.
Pictures: John the Baptist?s head (1747) painted on plate; Execution of John the Baptist (18th century); Christ Crucified (18th century); Mother of God Częstochowská (folk); Stations of the Cross (1841) signed by Eliasz Lipek; Baroque-folk portable altar with picture of St. Joseph with Baby; on the boards below the organ choir there is a folk painting.

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