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Villa of Julian Fałat

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Contact: ul. Juliana Fałata 34, Tel.: 033 817 13 61,

A division of a museum in Bielsko-Biała, housed in a historical villa of the artist popularly called "Fałatówką", it is a biographic and art museum. The artist had moved into the house in 1910, after leaving the office of Director of Krakow ASP (Academy of art). The exhibition takes place in eight rooms on the ground and first floors of the building. It contains paintings, oils and aquarrels, as well as documents and photographies relating to life and work of one of the biggest Polish painters. On the ground floor there are presented early oil-paintings made under the influence of Munich academy, the first aquarelles and many self-portraits, portraits of family and friends. There are also aquarelles capturing urban regions that prove the artist's traveling. There are painted Toruň, Leoben, beautiful panoramas of Krakow from 1896, and it also includes small sketches.

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