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First mention of town Pszczyna appears in historical documents in the year 1303, however town was probably founded much sooner. In early Middle Ages an important commercial route from faraway Russia through Krakov in the direction of Moravská Brána and further to Dunabe led here already.

Pszczyna is one of the oldest and the most beautiful towns of Silesia, the seat of traditions and history of this region. Old-time spirit of Pszczyna, princes? castle surrounded by a park, medieval architecture of square and old town together with good accessibility makes the town incredibly attractive for domestic and foreign tourists too.


Places of interest:

- Church of All the Saints and of Rosary Mother of God

- Saint crucifix church

- St. Jadwiga Silesiana Church

- Church of the Divine Mercy

- Protestant church

- Chapel ?Your will be done?

- Jewish cementery

- Chateau of princess Hochberg von Pless

- Municipial House

- Outdoor museum of folk architecture

- Chateau museum

- Museum of Silesian presswork

- Pszczynský park


Leisure time:

- International cycle paths

- Path of wooden architecture

- Stadium

- Sports hall

- Tennis courts

- Indoor swimming pools

- Swimming pool

- Windsurfing centre

- Golf course (9 holes)



Pszczynský park

It is one of the most beautiful parks of Upper Silesia. It extends on area of 156 ha along the river Pszczymka which flows through artificial made weirs and canals. Origins of park are connected with Renaissance reconstruction of chateau in 16th century when gardens and animal quarter in northwestern part were created. Late renaissance utility Ornamental Park was reconstructed in the second half of 18th century; present form of English park dates back to the second half of 19th century. Park has three relatively separated parts: castle, palace and animal quarter, where you can see bisons, stags, moufflons, fallow-deers and does.

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