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GPS: 49°42'00,1'' 19°00'12,0''


Szczyrk is a small tourist town situated in a narrow valley of creek Zylica between Klimczok and Skrzyczno. The oldest records of its existence date back to 1630.

Szczyrk is surrounded by a circle of wonderfully forested sandstone mountains from where numerous creeks flow down. Town has ideal conditions for all-year-round leisure and recreation. You can make use of 70 kms of mountain paths and more than 60 kms of cycle paths and paths for walking tours; there are conditions for hiking, riding a mountain bicycle, paragliding, skiing and snowboarding. Ski slopes of total length of almost 60 kms are prepared in winter. Szczyrk, just by Zakopané, is considered the bigest ski resort and many skiers hold an opinion there are not better skiing conditions in Poland than in Szczyrk.


Places of interest:

- Parish church of St. Jacob Apostle

- St. Nicholas Church

- Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary ?Na Górce?

- Chapel Bienkovská

- Historical chapels, crucifixes, sculptures

- Cave of the Mother of God with fountain

- Cave Samopolská

- Ice cave

- Cave Malinovská


Leisure time:

- Town cultural centre

- Art gallery of Beskydy

- Cinema

- Central sport centre

- Swimming area, swimming pools, outdoor bath

- Tennis courts

- Bowling

- Active and extreme tourism (four-wheeled cars, snowmobiles, cross-country vehicles tours,

air-cushion vehicles, explorations of caves, nordic walking)

- Paragliding

- Rope centre

- Horse riding

- Horse hooke-up

- Chair lift to Skrzyczne

- Ski jumps

- Toboggan run



Ski areas:
30 ski lifts and two-sectional cable chair lift to Skrzyczne operate in winter time. Skiers and snowboarders have at disposal 60 kms of routes with variable degrees of difficulty, including 10 kms of artificially snow-covered routes and 3.5 kms illuminated routes allowing for evening skiing. There are conditions for almost all ski disciplines in Szczyrk. There are professional slalom slopes, snowboard slopes, half-pipe ramp, Billabong Snowpark Juliany and group of ski jumps. Winter season usually begins in December and lasts until the beginning of April.

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