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The House of a Weaver

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Contact: ul. Sobieskiego 51, Tel.: 033 811 71 76, www.

The House of a Weaver in Bielsko-Biała is located on Sobieskiego street in upper suburbs of the town in a wooden building with a timbered construction. Building represents a unique example of architecture of the 18th century that was destroyed by fire in 1808 and 1836. Until the early 20th century there had been a house and a drapery workshop. There is not much known about the owners of the building, probably families such as: the Bartke (18th c.) or the Bathelt (19th c.). From 1873 there had been the owner Karl Nowak and after his death his widow Marie. At the beginning of 20th c. there was located a shoemaker workshop of Antoniego Polończyk existing until the WW II. And after that it served as a regular block of flats. In 1974, Antoniego's son Wiktor Polończyk donated it to the state for museum purposes.

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