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Memorial of Vojtěch Martínek

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Brušperk, Square of J. A. Komenský 9

This is a permanent display about life and work of this prominent Brušperk native, Dr.Vojtěch Martínek ? a teacher, a writer, a literate critic and an important representative of cultural life in Ostrava region. Part of this memorial is also an exhibition dedicated to other prominent natives: a music composer Jožka Matěj, a teacher and a music composer František Palkovský, an artist Bohumil Fiala, a director and a drama writer Vilém Vitekr, a conductor Vladimír Matěj, an actor Adolf Král and Vladimír Petrovský.


Memorial of Josef Kalus

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Čeladná, Čeladná 24, Čeladná

This is a museum and a memorial. There is a permanent sightseeing exhibition in Čeladná valley and a permanent mini display ? a remembrance of Josef Kalus who in the years of 1889 to 1908 worked as a teacher and a poet and who was visited by many famous cultural prominents from Brno and Prague. Concurrently, there are organized various exhibitions. You can find there a permanent display about village nature and history, about life and work of Josef Kalus and last but not least also seasonal exhibitions of the present artists, craftsmen, collectors and other. Art lovers come to visit even regularly there, as the exhibitions are changed during seasons and moreover, they are for sale.


Memorial of Leoš Janáček

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Hukvaldy, Hukvaldy 74

Instructive exhibition refers to composer's stays in Hukvaldy. To general public serves also an audiovisual room on the first floor; where visitors can listen to top recordings of Janáček's pieces or to see musical films about the composer's life and works. Historical part of the memorial consists of three rooms on the ground floor of the house which its interior is kept in original way including furnishings from Janáček's usage.


Beekeepers museum and open-air museum

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Chlebovice, Chlebovice 1

A state protected area, former reeve-stead (firstly mentioned already in 1320 in document of bishop Konrád) was in 1986 renovated by beekeepers and village citizens and there was build up an open-air beekeepers museum and museum of beekeeping and above all a museum of village Chlebovice and a Museum of Bezruč region. There are placed beehives from the earliest ? straw ones to the latest ones made from hardened polystyrene. You can see there many honey makers including the oldest one. As well as there are displayed medals, badges and stamps with beekeeping theme. Among the exhibits can also be seen ?The order of Marie Teresia about apiculture?.


Šenovské muzeum

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Šenov, Lipová 861

Šenov museum describes the history of Šenov aiming to keep evidence of ancestors' works. The oldest document is a book from 1668. Most of collection dates back to the late 18th century till the early 29th century. Collection has been found thanks to work of Historicko- letopisecký aktiv (Historic-chronicle asset), which till today operates within Šenov museum and it is considered as its integral part. Collection was firstly presented to public in 1998 when opened.


Museum ?Lašská jizba? - Open-air museum of enamel crosses

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Sedliště 170, 739 36 Sedliště

With the thought of "Lašská jizba" had come up Josef Vochala when he started collecting various ethnic relics and storing them in a room on his farmstead. In 1924, the whole ethnic collection was transferred into the Frýdek chateau. There, in the knights' hall, was open the first museum exhibition which later on became a part of a National agricultural museum. Traditions of storing life documents of past generations are preserved in Sedliště until today. For the purposes of a new installation there were used not only objects of everyday life ? furniture, household equipment, fabrics but also craftsmen and agricultural tools donated by village citizens.


Museum of Tin

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Hukvaldy, Hukvaldy č. 110

At the final stop of Podhoráček in Hukvaldy there a little visible Museum of Tin offers an exhibition of about 200 tin objects from local and international workshops. The oldest artifacts are from the break of 17th and 18th centuries and the whole collection shows proves of this art craft in everyday-life objects (graven bowls and plates, pots, pints, candle sticks, transport bottles for beer or wine) and in parts of weapon equipment or even in religious objects e.g. hanging stoups.


Museum Beskyd

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Frýdek-Místek, Zámecké Square ? Frýdek chateau

It houses exhibitions about history, ethnography and regional nature. Nearly 2000 humanitarian and scientific collection objects documents history and even the present of Beskydy region. There, in the thirteen rooms, are offered to see e.g. equipment of a farmstead or crafts exhibition such as shoemaker, weaver's and tailor's workshop, smithy, Frýdlant artistic enamel, pottery from Tošanovice workshop, interior of Beskydy cottages, documents typical for social life in 19th century, moving wooden model of Silesian village and many others. In the scientific exhibition there are to see the basic regional biotope including a wide collection of birds, mammals and fish.

Permanent display: Beskydy, people and nature, Frýdek a Místek, Frýdek ? Mariánské pilgrimage place, Chateau circuit, Memorial of Óndra Lysohorský.


Area ?Na mlýně?? Muzeum Kozlovice

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Kozlovice 130

The area ?Na mlýně? (In the mill), which is built up around a watermill, mentioned already in 1581, offers not only catering with regional cuisine, stylish accommodation and carriage rides but also to take a look at a village life in the past. Folklore building architecture with its interiors furnished by original objects used in the past for craftsmen work and in agriculture evokes an unbelievable atmosphere. Part of the area ?Na mlýně?, there is also a part called Kozlovice open-air museum. We talk about a collection of several imitations of picturesque historical wooden buildings with collection of folklore crafting tools.


Area of Reevedom -Wallachian brewery Kozlovice

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Area of Reevedom and

Common School, Fojství 1,

Today, farm buildings of the reeve-stead became very attractive spaces with well-preserved brick arches. Interior is complemented by historical objects, compelling collection of beer pitchers. In the area of former reeve-stead there is located a museum Common School which offers three permanent displays. The widest in there will attract the visitors by its authentic atmosphere of village one-class together with a study and a flat of a teacher from the break of 19th and 20th centuries. In the attic there is placed a collection of church art with gothic exhibits and folklore ecclesiastic works.

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