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Galerie a muzea

Hukvaly heraldic gallery

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Hukvaldy, Hukvaldy č. p. 30
Mission of Hukvaldy heraldic gallery is to popularize heraldry. General public is able to learn about topics capturing either a national, urban, family or ecclesiastic heraldry. Every second or third month there is open a new exhibition relating to heraldry, history or coherent topics.


Gallery of Art center Chagall

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National House in Brušperk, Nám. J. A. Komenského 9, Brušperk,

Art center Chagall started its function on 10th September in 1990, and it belongs to the oldest private galleries in Ostrava. In their eight galleries in Ostrava, Karviná, Brušperk and Čeladná they present works of prominent Czech and foreign artists.


Gallery in Raškovice

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A small gallery offers annually, apart from permanent ethnographic display of exhibition, lectures and programs focused on revival of traditional folklore culture.


Gallery Ostravice

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Ostravice, č. p. 400

This gallery is one of the youngest galleries. It presents mostly author's works that are somehow connected with Beskydy region. It is a permanent display of paintings, xylography and enamel works of regional artists.


Gallery of Karel Svolinský

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Kunčice p. Ondřejníkem

Gallery is a permanent display of graphic art, paintings and sculptures of Czech or foreign artists.


Gallery of Antonín Kroča

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Hukvaldy - Rychaltice, Rychaltice

It is a gallery, an exhibition hall and sale exhibition. Paintings by Antonín Kroč, Milada Poliánová, Jana Kročová - Valčíková and sculptures of Antonín Kroč, junior.


Gallery ? artistic cast iron and enamel

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Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, Hlavní

A permanent display of artistic enamel from international symposiums ?Frýdlantský umělecký smalt?(Frýdlant artistic enamel), historical cast iron from 19th century and early 20th century. Permanent display is regularly complemented by occasional exhibitions. Gallery is located in on the premises of Cultural House. Part of the gallery is also a Memorial of Ferdiš Duš, Frýdlant native ? a painter, graphic designer and ceramist.


Gallery in Podloubí

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Frýdek-Místek, Tržní 20

A gallery, exhibition halls and sale exhibits.



Gallery ?Langův dům?

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Frýdek-Místek, Hluboká 66

Gallery is seated in the Lang's house, which is one of the operational buildings of the Museum Beskyd, which is an administrator of the local chateau where it is housed as well. Gallery ?Langův dům? has operated as a private gallery since 1998. It mostly exhibits present works of art artists, free art, author's clothes and jewelry, original pottery, glass and bibliophile.


Gallery ?U Jakuba?

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Frýdek-Místek, Farní náměstí 50

This gallery, apart from other activities and exhibits sale, as well provide mounting, framing, paintings restorations and a wide range of artistic accessories for painting.

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