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The first mention about Sviadnov dates back to 1267. The entire Sviadnov belonged to the dynasty of Stangové. At that time it made part of so-called feud of Místek consisting at that time of Místek, Sviadnov, Kunčičky u Bašky. In the south-western part of the territory of Sviadnov there is a hill Štandl, at whose top you can admire relicts of minor medieval fortification. In 1715 the bandit Ondráš of Janovice was killed by his cousin Juráš in the pub in Horákovo farmhouse during dancing. The artist Petr Bezruč took liking to the village and wrote two separate poems include in the collection of Silesian Songs. There are instructive trails and rest stations in the given area. This area is a place of seats of equestrian groups organizing the races in showjumping, equestrian exercises for kids and the young, Western and Classic horse riding.


Objects of interest:

- Chapel of St. John Nepomucký

- Commemorative plaque with stone of Petr Bezruč

- Instructive Trail ?Štandl?

- Equestrian club Sviadnov


Leisure time:

- Clay and grass field

- Baby park

- Two gymnasiums

- Multipurpose hall

- Equestrian facility

- Marked cycle tracks



Instructive Trail ?Štandl?

Instructive trail "Štandl" passes through the urban woods of Sviadnov to the northeast of Frýdek-Místek. IT can be accessed from Sviadnov on a bike or on foot using the subway under the road from Místek to Ostrava or from the marked cycling tourist track.

FM 4 "History of the dominion of Hukvaldy".

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