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Žabeň lies to the north of the district town Frýdek Místek along both sides of the road leading from Místek to Ostrava and on the territory defined by Olešná and Ostravice river, the border river between historical countries Silesia and Moravia. Žabeň lies on the left bank of Ostravice river and is thus in historical terms a Moravian village. The first written mention about the village dates back to 1460, when it belonged to the lands of the episcopate of Olomouc. The village does not have a church, but in the first half of 19th century the people built a chapel here as an expression of thanksgiving for diverting of plague, consecrated to St. Fabian and Sebastian. Alluvial forests were typical for Žabeň and they covered significant part of its area in the past. At southern border of the village there are small fishponds with interesting microfauna. Žabeň in its classic appearance as we know it from 19th century does not exist any more. The village is a typical suburban zone of calm and available housing in family houses, attractive for being close to big urban centres of Ostrava and Frýdek-Místek.

Objects of interest:

- Chapel of St. Fabian and Sebastian


Leisure time:

- Tennis court

- Community house




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