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Řepiště extends along the right side of the ?Silesian? bank of Ostravice river. Řepiště is a village serving predominantly to pleasant residential living. The countryside here maintained its original rustic character. Residential area with family houses is combined with fields, meadows and forests. The year of founding of Řepiště is 1270. There are several interesting ecclesiastical constructions on its territory. The most precious and the oldest is definitely the wooden church of St. Archangel Michael. Beside it we can see 3 smaller chapels and several crosses. All the monuments are very well maintained. The village is a place of birth of the Christian poet Bohumil Pavlok. Another famous native of Řepiště is Czech mountaineer who managed to climb up the highest mountain of the world K2, Mr. Libor Uher.


Objects of interest:

- Wooden church of St. Michael Archangel in the centre of the village

- Chapel of St. Agnes in local part Rakovec

- St. Florian?s chapel in the centre of the village

- Chapel on "Salt Trail"

- Wooden crosses in the following streets: Jezdecká, Mírová, Na Kůtách and at the bus station


Leisure time:

- Cycle track no. 6066 Horní Datyně - Řepiště. The length of the track is 5 km.

- Searching for ecclesiastic monuments



Ecclesiastic monuments. The oldest building in the village is the wooden Roman-Catholic church of St. Archangel Michael from the second half of 15th century. The object is a real estate monument and belongs to a unique set of Silesian wooden churches of the Beskydy region. There is a listed organ in the church of the organ builder František Hočička of 1800. Another interesting construction is the chapel of St. Florian, where 30 ceramic statuettes of St. Florian were placed. These statuettes were made by local children. The chapel of St. Agnes on the forest path in local part named Rakovec is also worth seeing. It was built in 1990 and contains a prayer to the forest. We also should not miss the cross in the centre of the village, mission cross at the church of 2000, cross in Jezdecká street and in Na Kůtách street. Peregrination in search of ecclesiastic monuments of Řepiště is a typical example of the possibility for family cycling tour or a trip of grandparents with children.



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