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Václavovice is a village of medium size included in Ostrava district. It is commemorated already since 14th century. It was probably given its name, exactly as in case of other residential areas, by its first owner Václav or Wenceslas. The dominant of the village since 2001 is the St. Wenceslas Church, whose construction was a crowning of almost one-hundred-year effort of local religious people to construct a church. Original nature of the scattered Silesian residential construction is nowadays intermingled with intensive construction of family houses. In the territory of Václavovice or in its near surroundings there are some interesting natural seclude places. It is especially the place at the head of Ryninka river on the border with Sedliště village and newly constructed Kamenec pond. At the border with neighbouring town Šenov there is Pískovina, wild, wetland-like natural locality in the place of former sand extraction. Children playground was put in operation in the centre of the village in 2009, and it concurrently serves as a place of rest on cycling trips. It is very close to cycle track 6063, which runs through the entire village. Václavovice also includes several original wooden houses including little technical monuments ? little wooden mills.


Objects of interest:

- St. Wenceslas Church

- Old belfry

- Trip place at Ryninka riverhead


Leisure time:

- Cyclotourism

- Sports facility



Ryninka riverhead.

Little known, though very romantic is the place near the abundant stream and concurrently only about 100 m far from the cycle track 6063 passing through Datyně forest between Sedliště, Vratimov and Václavovice. The place underwent a sensitive reconstruction including adjustment of the stream and reconstruction of pews and minor ecclesiastic motive - glass cabinet with the picture of the Virgin Mary.




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