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Sedliště is a village neighbouring with Frýdek-Místek, which can be reached if we set out in the north-eastern direction from it. Similarly to other Silesian villages of the Beskydy region the first written mention about Sedliště dates back to 1305. However, it must have been founded before that year, probably in the second half of 13th century. With the nature of residential housing, existence of a series of major and smaller ecclesiastical monuments it belongs to typical Silesian villages, where conservative life style with a sense for preservation of traditions survived until present. Apart from historical centre of the village there is another popular place for visit and it is Bezručova belvedere with a beautiful panoramatic view of the countryside. Only several hundred meters behind the borders of the village in Lískovec-Hájek there is another construction and concurrently place of pilgrimage - Chapel of St. Cross with worshipped spring.

The centre of the village is a crossing of three cycle tracks ? 6005, 6065 a 6063


Objects of interest:

- Wooden Church of All Saints (1638) and nearby cemetery with open-air site of cast iron crosses

- Baroque statues of St. John Nepomucký and Virgin Mary of Frýdek behind the church

- Trip site called Bezručová belvedere with a memorial to Liberated ground, statues of academic sculptor Emil Adamec and panoramatic view of Moravian-Silesian Beskydy, Silesian Beskydy, Podbeskydská pahorkatina and Jeseníky


Leisure time:

- Lašská jizba museum

- Cyclotourism



Village centre with the Church of All Saints and Lašská jizba museum

Wooden church of All Saints dates back to 1638 and it is one of the most successful and best preserved constructions of its type in Pobeskydí. Around it there is a set of cast-iron crosses and also crosses from other cemeteries that ceased to exist. The group represents with its extent a kind of small open-air museum of funeral artefacts. Behind the premises of the church there are two baroque statues of Mrs. Marie Frýdecká and St. John Nepomucký.

The idea of ?Lašská jizba?, which has its exposition in the building beside the church was born in the head of Josef Vochala, when he started to collect various etnographic historical objects and started to store them in a special room in its farmhouse. The tradition of storing of documents of life of former generations is alive in Sedliště until today. The new installation consists not only of objects of everyday need like furniture, household equipment, fabrics and the like, but also craft and farm tooling from the gifts of citizens.




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