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Šenov belongs to the oldest seats in Silesia. Precise date of founding is not known, but probably originated in 12th century as a pre-colonization Slavonic settlement at the trade route from Opavy to Těšín. The first mention about Šenov dates back to 1305.

It was a place of a castle until the 1920´s, which stood there a symbol of the seat of noble dynasties, owners of this dominion. In 1927 the however the castle building, at that time already seriously dilapidated, dismantled. The only building of the castle area that was preserved until present is the building of the administrator, nowadays the seat of basic school of art. Šenov is the youngest town of Beskydy region, it received the status of the town in 1998. It is concurrently a seat of the group of Silesian Gate Region, i.e. microregion located between Ostrava, Havířov and Frýdek Místek. The most important monument of Šenov is baroque church of Divine Providence. Thanks to its original architecture it is called the ?Pearl of Silesia. The natural places of interest include the castle park in the centre of the town in the church surroundings, especially the system of ponds, of which the biggest ones are Košťalovický and Volenský pond and Bobčok forest. Šenov?s originality is a group of six little wooden mills in Škrbeň locality. The important personality of Šenov is academic painter Vilém Wűnsche, graduate from the academy of fine arts, where it was a student of Max Švabinský. His works in Šenov include sgraffitos on the facade of the basic school of art.


Objects of interest:

- Church of Divine Providence

- Statue of St. Antonín in Kostelní street
- Statue of St. Florian in Kaštanová street

- Statue of St. John Nepomucký in Kostelní street

- Castle park in the church surroundings

- Basic school of art with sgrafittos Vilém Wűnsche

- Big and Small round of Instructive Trail of Šenov

- Group of little wooden mills


Leisure time:

- Archery

- Cycling tourism ? the town is run through by cycle tracks 6064 and 6063.

- Hiking



Big and Small round of Instructive Trail of Šenov

Almost all the historical monuments and natural monuments are nicely interconnected since 2003 by two rounds of Instructive Trail. The small round (approximately 1.5 km) guides the people through the historical centre of the town via six stops. The big round (approximately 11.5 km) with its six stops represents natural places of interests in the environs of Šenov.




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