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Kaňovice lies to the north of Frýdek-Místek in the Silesian part of the Silesian Gate region. It is one of the smallest villages of the entire Beskydy region. Its population is only 270 and area only 260 ha. According to the documents of the castle of Frýdek Kaňovice was founded in 1613 in the era of Jan Bruntálkský of Vrbno. Scattered residential housing, which is typical for the historical territory of Silesia, was preserved on the entire area. This housing is also called Silesian and prefers proprietary homogeneity of farm housing and its surrounding fields. There are many small ecclesiastical monuments in the village, of which the most interesting one is the chapel of St. Hedvika of 1868, which serves for regular church ceremonies. The nature?s beauty is represented especially by Kamenec fish pond.


Objects of interest:

- St. Hedvika?s chapel

- Na Závrší chapel

- Stone cross opposite the local council

- Memorial to the war victims and anniversaries of the municipality

- Kamenec fish pond


Leisure time:



Kamenec fish pond

The most remarkable natural place of interest is the newly founded pond in Kamanec on the stream of Dolní Datyňka on the border with Václavovice village, from where the place can be reached. Even though it is an artificial water reservoir of 2005, its sensitive design and setting in the nature made it a pleasant or even romantic place of destination both for pedestrians and cycling tourists.




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