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Museum of town Żywiec ?Stary Zamek?

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Contact: ul. Zamkowa 2 34-300 Żywiec, Tel.: (033) 861 21 24, ,

This Town Museum was founded in 1925. It is an institution with more departments. There are departments of history, art and archeology where is presented a permanent display ?History and traditions of Żywiec town?. In the art and history department there are displayed holographs reglecting the town history. Among others there is an exhibition of "Dziejopis Żywiecki Andrzeja Komonieckiego" ( Żywiec Chronicle by Andrzej Komoniecki) from 1704. Wort of mentioning is also one of the biggest collections in Poland ? a collection of guild relics: guilds, books and cabinets. In the historical chambers there you can see Biedermeier lounge and a study from 19th century (inter-war period) of Karl Stefan Habsburk, the owner of town in 1895-1933. The most precious collections of sacred art which comes from the Church of St. Cross in Żywiec such as ? a sculpture ?Święta Anna Samotrzecia? from 1380 and also temper painting ?Bewailing? from a half of the 19th c. This exhibition shows townsmen clothes, historical furniture, the iconography of the town and also relics connected with the Żywiec Hapsburgs.

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