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Statutory city of Frýdek-Místek lies in the at the foot of Beskydy mountains in the middle course of Ostravice river in the place where Morávka river opens in it. The adjacent parts of the city are Chlebovice, Zelinkovice, Lysůvky, Lískovec and Skalice. Precise date of founding of Frýdek is not known. Probably in the period from 1327 to 1335 it replaced its predecessor ? Jamnice village. The village identified as Friedeberg, later Místek, appears for the first time in 1267 in the testament of the bishop of Olomouc, Bruno of Schauenburg. Ostravice river that flows through this pair of cities, formed a territorial border between Moravia and Silesia until 1st December 1928. The towns were interconnected in 1943 and since 1955 it has been using its current name Frýdek-Místek. Both historical cores were repaired and thus you can presently admire the Castle square in Frýdek with its beautiful facades of originally renaissance houses and Náměstí Svobody (Square of Liberty) with burgher houses and arcade. Also the castle of Frýdek is a very popular place of interest as the Museum of Beskydy has got its centre there. From the historical point of view the objects that are worth mentioning include church of St. Jošt, Church of St. John and Paul, Church of All the Saints, parish church of St. John the Baptist. The city offers many sports facilities both for active sportsmen as well as those that practice sports only recreationally. It is possible to practice yachting, surfing, and fishing in near dam reservoir Olešná. Volleyball and tennis players will find their sports facilities as well. There is also exercising bouldering wall in the city. It is possible to use interesting municipal cycle tracks and set out to search for monuments or sports facilities in the town or its charming surroundings.


Objects of interest:

- Castle of Frýdek-Místek

- Beskydy Museum

- Community house

- Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

- St. Jacob?s Church

- St. Jošt?s Church

- St. John and Paul?s Church

- Church of All the Saints

- Parish Church of St. John Baptist

- Church of the Evangelic church of Bohemian Brethren

- Place of pilgrimage Hájek with St. Cross church in Lískovec

- Galleries and antiquarian bookshop: Pod svícnem, Pod zámkem, V ,,modrém?, U Jakuba, Krásno, v Podloubí, Pod sovou, Langův dům

- Smetanovy sady park along Ostravice river

- Lookout tower Kabátice v Chlebovicích

- Appiarian museum and open-air museum in Chlebovice in the old farmhouse building


Leisure time:

- Outdoor and indoor Aquapark Olešná

- Indoor swimming pools

- Football field

- Bowling

- Skating

- Fitness studios

- Horse riding

- Go carting

- Squash

- Tennis

- Exercise bouldering wall

- Ski resort in Chlebovice

- Instructive Trails: Frýdecký les

Bludné balvany ? boulders reminding of the Ice Age

Surroundings of Morávka in Skalice


Castle of Frýdek-Místek

The castle stands on a hill in Frýdek part of Frýdek-Místek. There used to be a noble castle above the river in the first quarter of 14th century that served to protect the trade route at the country border. Inner core of the castle with square tower was preserved until present. The castle was later reconstructed in baroque style. Also the interior of the chapel of St. Barbora was adjusted in baroque style and the farm buildings surrounding the first courtyard were built in the second quarter of 17th century. Present castle is modest, but offers the tour of the new castle round with castle interiors, knight?s hall with 35 cots of arms of the Silesian nobility, show of period furniture like Art Nouveau folding screen or black cubistic table, lookout tower ? gloriet, chapel of St. Barbora and other interesting objects. In front of the castle there is a statue of John Nepomucký of 1727.




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