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Museum of Prasa Śląska

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Contact: ul. Piastowska 26,

This museum of Silesian Printing you will find at the end of Piastovska street in a low shingles house from about the break of 18th and 19th centuries. From the 18th century Pszczyna had become one of the most important printing centers in Upper Silesia. There already in 1805 worked Karol Beniamin Feistel from Nysa, since 1843 also Chrystian Schemmel who was printing also a weekly called "Tygodnik Polski Poświęcony Włościanom". The museum exhibition represents the history of Silesian printing from its beginning until 1939. As the only one in country its museum of magazines collects also historical machines and printing devices. Inside there is a Telemann room ? a hall of music and poetry where apart from a collection of 18th c. there are presented collections of old instruments. In Poland, it is the only museum of printing and bookbinding. It includes a historical throughout of Sileasian printing and also old printing and bookbinding machines.

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