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Chateau in Sucha Beskidzka

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Contact: Szcyrk, ul. Zamkowa 1, Tel.:( 33) 874 13 03,

A renaissance chateau in Sucha Beskidzka, a magnificent residence of owners settled on the property of the Susky family. It was very often called a ?Small Wavel? as it was very similar (especially the bailey) to the royal castle in Krakow. Most likely, on the same place there used to exist earlier a wooden courtyard of the Slupsky family which had burned down. The origins of the Susky chateau are linked with a person ? Kasper Susky, who had built (probably in 1554-1580) a stone court for protective purposes on the same place. Today, its remains are parts of a later constructed southern wing of the chateau. There is known one of the former architects - Gregorius Kaczorowski who was participating in building the chateau in 1580.

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