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Chateau in Frýdek-Místek

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Place: Hluboká 66, 738 01 Frýdek-Místek

Contact: Tel.: +420 558 630 051 ? 3


This chateau stands on a hill in Frýdek part of town Frýdek-Místek. It also houses the Museum Beskyd. History of the chateau is not that known; the first name linked with the building is Adam Václav, a Těšín prince, from 1545. Since 1918 it had belonged to the state and served as offices and flats. In 1960, when museum took it over, the chateau was rebuilt and today it operates as a cultural centre. In 1967-68, the last wing of old chateau was converted into a wedding hall.

In earlier time, over the river there had towered a gothic domain castle from the first quarter of 14th c. which had served for protection of a trade route leading along the domain boarder. From the previous castle there has been preserved only an inner part with a square tower. Later on, the chateau had been rebuilt in a baroque style as well as the interior of the Chapel of St. Barbara; and in the second quarter of 17th c. there were built up and added farm buildings surrounding the first courtyard. Even though the present appearance of the chateau looks modestly, there is a tour available of a newly opened chateau circuit with chateau interiors, a knight's hall with 35 blazons of Silesian nobility, an exhibition of that period furniture such as ? a secession screen or a cubistic table, also a view tower ? alcove, the Chapel of St. Barbora and other interesting objects. The way to the chateau leads from the Zámecké Square. If going through a gateway, you will appear on the first courtyard, whence you will get to the park as well as to the chateau itself. On the first floor there are several furnished rooms. And in front of the chateau there stands a statue of St. Jan Nepomucký from 1727.

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