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Chateau in Pszczyna

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Contact: Pszczyna, st. Brama Wybrańców 1, Tel: +48 (32) 210 30 37,

Pszczyna chateau, a long past residence of Hochberg von Pless princes ? an Augustan palace of magnates in Pszczyna, which together with 48-acre park makes a palace-park complex. In the chateau, there is a museum of interior ? State Chateau Museum in Pszczyna. It was open to public on 9th May, 1946. In the cellar spaces there is an armory (open to public on 12th May, 2009). There are presented collections where the oldest of all come from 19th c. and the latest from early 20th c. Among them are ? executors' swords, spears of cavalry, a collar from the Bars confederation, and also a samurai's harness.

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