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Kostel sv. Mikuláše v Łące (St. Nicolas? Church in Łąka)

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Site Łąka

History It is first mentioned in 1449; since 1570 it is in protestant hands; in 1623 the church was visited by protestant preacher of Pszczyńa Johannes Hoffmann, who noted that ?In Łąka there is a well built and nice church with three bells.? The protocol also states that the priest ther was ?Johan La?itius? (elsewhere mentioned as ?Joannes La?itius vel Lasek?); in 1639 the church was regained by Catholics and the existing church was built in 1660 after the fire of the previous one in 1658.
Bricked substructure was made in 1814 by the mason Weint; later on the church was extended. It is of log structure with framed tower standing separately; the interior of the church is plastered; in the aisle there is a ceiling facet, the chapel has a vault, the ceilings in the sacristy, presbytery and gallery are flat; the presbytery has got three enclosed walls; the aisle is rectangular; the chapel is bricked, with stations of the cross (18th -19th century and with Gothic bell in the tower (15th century).

Masses Sunday: 7.00, 9.00, 11.00, 12.15 and 17.00
Weekdays: From Monday to Saturday 6.30; 18.00.

Contact e-mail:

ul. Dygasińskiego 3 43-241 Łąka
tel. +48 32 447-85-60

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