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Kostel sv. Klement w Miedźne (St. Clement?s Church in Miedźna

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Site Miedźna

History It is the biggest wooden sanctuary in Pszczyński district. The mention about it dates back to 1326; in 1628 the church in Miedźna together with the church in Grzawa was visited by protestant Dean of Pszczyńa Johannes Hoffmann. The existing church was built in 17th century; it was extended to the western side in 18th century; the frame of the church walls is made of logs, the tower is cylindrical; the presbytery is enclosed with a simple wall; the aisle ? prolate rectangle; there is a cradle vault in presbytery and flat ceiling in the aisle. The church is encircled with chapels encased with board up to the half height; the chapels have inbuilt entrance doors covered with Baroque caps. Main altar ? late Baroque (1st half of 18th century); two side altars (18th century); in the aisle on the left there is another altar (late Baroque, 18th century); pulpit (18th century); two portable altars: rococo one (19th century) and second one, also from 19t h century. Paintings: Stations of the Cross (18th/19th century), Death of St. Joseph (19th century), King David (1st half of 19th century), St. Hedvika (1st half of 19th century).

Masses Sun ? 7:30, 10:30, 16:00

Mon, Wed, Sat ? 7:00

Thu, Fri ? 17:30

Contact ul. Wiejska 47
43-227 Miedźna
32 / 211-61-23

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