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Kostel sv. Martina v Ćwiklicích (St. Martin?s Church in Ćwiklice)

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History It is mentioned in 1326, the existing one was built at the turn of 16th and 17th century; rebuilt in 18th century and at the turn of 19th and 20th century; it is of log structure, the tower is framed, presbytery is enclosed with flat wall; there used to be a sacristy at the north (now gallery), the new sacristy is at the south; the framed aisle is of rectangular, almost square shape; at the south part of the aisle there is a later chapel; the interior is now covered with flat ceilings (in presbytery on the wall behind the main altar there are traces after a cradle); the interior was enlarged very recently with an area underneath the tower; and a polychromy from the time of origin of the church was also discovered recently.
The main altar ? late Baroque (18th century); side altars ? late Baroque (18th century); altar in the chapel ? Baroque-Classicist period (end of 18th century), restored in Wrocław (1940); paintings: St. Mary Magdalene (both 18th century), Misericordia Domini (copy of the church of the reformers in Krakow 1st half of 19th century, Mother of God with two saints (folk, 19th century); carvings: statuette of a beggar, probably from 17th century, two statuettes of angels (Baroque, 18th century), two statuettes from 18th century (St. Jan Nepomucký and Karel Boromeus).

Masses Holy Masses on Sundays:
07.30, 10.30, 16.00
Vespers ? 15.30

Holy Masses on weekdays:
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday ? 07.00
Thursday, Friday - 17.30

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