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Kostel sv. Ondřeje (St. Andrew?s Church)

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The vaulting of the church was rebuild to semicircular ? quasi-cradle type in the second half of 19th century. The old polychromy was plastered, due to which the church lost its stylistic value. In 1901 the belfry was encased and in 1908 it was covered with shingles, by means of which the capacity of the church was increased. In 1902 ? 1906 with the help of local craftsmen the internal equipment of the church was renovated (main altar and side altars, confessional box) and the substructure of the decaying beams. In 1912 the roof of the church was covered with asbestos cement without consulting it with the conservationists, but shingles were returned to the roof only two years later upon imperative request of the office for the preservation of the historical monuments. In the occasion of coverage, the entrance of the church was completed with a special shelter, creating an ideal place underneath for preaching. Also the wooden floor in the church was repaired, as it had been replaced with ceramic tiles in 1917. The Church of Gilowice has got two oldest bells in the surroundings: Andrew of 1535 and John of 1584. In 1921 the old organ from Rychwałd was replaced with a new one, that were subject to a thorough renovation in the 1970?s. Parish was founded in Gliwice again in 1925 after more than 200 years. The church aisle was extended in 1933, which required the belfry to be shifted by six meters. These activities were taken care of by the carpenters of Gilowice and they were working overnight in order to avoid the curious eyes of the lookers on. The church is located in the centre of the village at the main road. After the construction of the neighbouring church in Rychwałd in 1756 the old wooden church was disassembled and relocated to Gilowice, but without the tower that was good enough only as fire wood. A separately standing tower was annexed later. All the works associated with relocation and assembly of the church were managed by local carpenter Marek Luber. For a period of two centuries the church of Gilowice rema ined Rychwałd curacy without a stable priest.

Masses Saturdays: 18:00
Sundays and feast days: 7:30, 9:00, 11:00, 18:00

Contact34-322 Gilowice
Gilowice 71
tel. +48 33 865 30 10

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