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Dolní Tošanovice

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GPS: 49°41'2.534"N, 18°29'20.027"E


Dolní Tošanovice is a small village lying close to Žermanická dam in the rolling lowlands of Těšínská pahorkatina near the northern offshoots of Moravian-Silesian Beskydy. It belongs to the oldest villages in Těšínsko region. The village was founded in 1305 and extends on both sides of former imperial, present national 1st class road from Frýdek to Český Těšín. The surroundings of the village is currently accessible on pedestrian, cycling and hippo tracks. The places that call for a visit include Žermanická dam with a series of opportunities for water sports and summer recreation or a massif of Beskydy mountains.


Places of interest:

- Roman Catholic church with crypt of baron Bess

- Chateau Hnojník

- Country estates Dolní dvůr and Lesní dvůr of the 17th century


Leisure time:

- Ranch Moncheri

- Sports centre

- Cycling paths

- Hippo paths



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