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GPS: 49°42'33.921"N, 18°32'5.308"E


Třanovice is situated on the river Stonávka, which springs in the south in Moravian-Silesian Beskydy and from the north side flows into the Těrlická dam. Position of the village with typical Silesian dispersed development in marvellous environment of Beskydy foothills and near to water dam Žermanická and Těrlická (used for the recreation) makes very good living conditions. History of the village is connected with life and work of evangelic pastor Jiří Třanovský, the fellow of J.A. Komenius with whom he shared also similar destiny. Many tourist and cycling paths and hippo path pass through the village linking neighbouring towns with attractive area of Moravian-Silesian Beskydy, Podbeskydí and water dams.


Places of interest:

- St. Bartholomew?s Church

- Protestant church

- Boundary Stone

Leisure time:

- Ski resort Třanovice

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