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GPS: 49°42'19.362"N, 18°36'48.103"E

Ropice is a village below Beskydy mountains lying in the wide valley of Ropičanka river that stems below Ropice mountains in the cadastre of Řeka village. Typically Silesian scattered housing is more significantly concentrated only around the road connecting Slovakia with Moravia across the pass of Jablunkov. The village was founded in 12th or 13th century. Current Ropice does not offer the visitors only architectonic monuments but especially the possibilities of active spending of leisure time. The village is intersected by Cycle track from Jihlava to Český Těšín, so-called Beskydy-Carpathian backbone line. The most significant attraction is the modern 18-hole golf course with sheltered teeing ground and comfortable club room.

Places of interest:

- Church of the Annunciation of The Virgin Mary

- Crypts of Coelest from Coelestyn, Skrbensky from Hřiště and of clan from Saint Genois

- Gravestones of clan of Künburg and Spens-Booden

- Chateau (ruin)


Leisure time:

- Library

- Golf court

- Cycle path



Golf course

Full-value golf course at the border of Poland and Slovakia with a master 18-hole course, club house with panoramatic view of Silesian Beskydy with dominant of Javorový peak, offers the public a unique possibility to look in the world of golf and to test the golf playing on a small ground.

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