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GPS: 49°42'33.921"N, 18°32'5.308"E


To a large extent isolated position of this locality is one of the reasons why this village kept its original, foothills, agricultural spirit where small farms are still a part and parcel of life of local inhabitants and atmosphere. Vělopolí is situated in Podbeskydí, in rolling highland between villages Horní Žukov in the north, Třanovice in the west, Stříteží in the south and Ropice in the east. The first written mention of farm Vělopolí is dated back to the year 1448. As the name implies distinguishing feature of the village is a number of fields. Calm and pleasant surroundings of the village with typical Silesian dispersed development urge to walks, hiking tours, cycling trips or horse riding trips.


Places of interest:

- Farm-house and protected trees (hornbeam and linden-tree)

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