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GPS: 49°41'1.11"N, 18°32'25.484"E


Hnojník is the biggest village of the microregion of catchment area of Stonávka river. It lies on this river in the countryside of Beskydy mountains that is very attractive for the tourists. The history reaches back to the turn of 13th and 14th century and is closely associated with a series of important aristocratic dynasties, to whom the dominion of Hnojník belonged.

Its population is currently almost 1500, which makes its one of the natural economic and social centres of the microregion. As opposed to the northern part of the village, which is rather of market and industrial nature, the southern part maintains its mountainous colouring and atmosphere and is the starting point for interesting trips to Beskydy mountains for hikers as well as cyclists.


Places of interest:

- Church of the Annunciation of The Virgin Mary

- Family vault of Bees from Chrostina

- Chateau


Leisure time:

- Library

- Football ground

- Tennis and volleyball courts

- Stable Moncheri



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