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Komorní Lhotka

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GPS: 49°39'30.91"N, 18°31'40.992"E

Komorní Lhotka is a picturesque mountainous spa village with favourable climate, beneficial for the human organism. The village was founded in 15th century and is the main protagonist of the development of tourism in the microregion of villages of the catchment area of Stonávka river. Its nature directly forms the mountainous relief of Moravian-Silesian Beskydy, in whose valleys the village is located. Tracks for pedestrians, cyclists or horse riders that interweave the surrounding countryside offer a series of beautiful views and romantic secluded places, opportunities for practicing sports and also for private meditations.

Places of interest:

- Protestant church

- Forge

- Herb spa


Leisure time:

- Multipurpose sports hall



Herb spa

We continue in the proven recipes of preparation of baths and concurrently offer new services and products like massages or sale of herbal teas. The aim is to offer our guests the background for a pleasant and efficient rest not only of the body but also soul. Our experience with herbal baths are very rich thanks to the continuation of the tradition of original procedures commenced already in 1860.




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