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Mansion in Horní Tošanovice

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This mansion is located in the middle of a garden, right next to the main road connecting Frýdek and Těšín opposite a junction to Třinec. Late empire mansion was built in the 30's of 19th c. by Emanuel Harasovský and his son Karel. It is simply structured one-storey building of a rectangular grand plan which stands out by its former stucco decoration and an interesting inner layout with a huge stairway hall in the middle.

Frontal facade with 7 windows in a row has a three-axis buttress in the middle. In a whole, it is structured by pilasters ending with rich formed cornice where above there is a gambrel roof. The windows are set in simple stucco platform bands. In a similar way, a garden fore front is solved. From a mansion to Dolní Tošanovice mansion leads a linden tree alley. Around the mansion there are objects of farm buildings which were jotted by usage of an agricultural grange. Nowadays, the mansion is beautifully restored and returned to the hands of a former owner Mr. Antonín Heger. However, mansion is rented to a company TOZOS as an office building, therefore it is not open to public.

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