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Hukvaldy lies in the western part of Frýdek-Místek district between the district town and Příbor at the international road leading from Vienna to Krakow.

The village has got its origin in Sklenov village with the first written mention in 1294 and in Rychaltice village with the first written mention in 1394. Present Hukvaldy consists of four local parts. Hukvaldy, Horní Sklenov, Dolní Sklenov and Rychaltice. The dominant of the village is the ruin of medieval castle. Hukvaldy is inseparably connected with the game preserve that was founded already in 1566 with beautiful alley of beeches, chestnut trees and lime trees. It is also home of numerous herd of moufflons, fallow deer.


Objects of interest:

- St. Maxmillian?s Church

- St. Nicholas? Church

- St. Ondřej?s Church

- Castle of Hukvaldy ? ruin

- Game preserve with summer amphitheatre

- Museum of Leoš Janáček

- Tin museum

- Gallery of Antoní Kroča

- Tropic Hukvaldy ? exotic plants and animals

- Plague column in the preserve

- Statue of vixen Bystrouška

- Statue of the Virgin Mary, St. Florian and John Nepomucký in Podzámčí


Leisure time:

- Amphitheatre

- Social hall

- Tennis courts

- Instructive trails: Hradní vrch

- Janáčkova lavička

- Pálkovské hůrky



Castle of Hukvaldy. The first mention of the castle dates back to 1285. The bishops of Olomouc extended Hukvaldy in the following four centuries to a solid fortress with five bastions, which proved useful during Danish blockade and double siege by the Swedes in the last period of thirty year war. After the fire in 1762 the castle was falling into disrepair. Today it is a partially renovated castle ruin, one of the biggest in the Czech Republic.




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