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Staříč, which is today a mining village, lies at the foot of Beskydy mountains, and used to be a farm village. The first preserved written mention about the village dates back to 1258, however the archaeological findings of 1906 prove that the territory was inhabited even before. The origin of the name of the settlement is derived from a person called Stařek or Stařík. In 1901-1902 the French entrepreneur Chanov performed exploratory drillings and this was the beginning of coal mining in this region.


Objects of interest:

- St. Cross Finding Church

- Paskov mine in Staříč ? training roadway

- Moor land, surface mine and sand pit


Leisure time:

- Community house

- Football field

- Okrouhlá lookout tower with lookout platform at the height of 30 m

- Instructive Trail ?Okrouhlá?

- Natural protected reserve Kamenná



Paskov mine in Staříč ? training roadway

It is an artificial purpose-sunk subsurface mine with a sample roadway and outdoor museum of mine wagons and locomotives. The 150 m long roadways include underground workings for extraction of black coal like in a real mine. It is a very interesting place for the public.


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