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We found the first mention about Krmelín in latin document of 1447. We found the expressions like "in villa Krmelyn" (Krmelín village). The chronicle of Paskov mentions that Krmelín has a source of very good drinking water, at which the carters stopped and feed and water their horses. Krmelín used to be a point on the road of wagonners across Hukvaldy, Brušperk, Stará Ves to Ostrava. The word "krmiti" (to feed) is the key word for the name of the village. The village extends in the northeast of Frýdek-Místek and borders with Ostrava agglomeration.

Objects of interest:

- St. John and Paul?s Church

- Oratory of the Czech Hussit Church

- Monument to the fallen heroes of the First and the Second World War


Leisure time:

- Tennis resort

- Sports hall

- Bowling

- Tourist riding house

- Karate group, indoor football, handball



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