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Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí

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The first mention about Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí in the testament of the bishop of Olomouc, Bruno of Schaumburk dates back to 1267, at that time called Bruneswerde. The proof of its development is the right to use own municipal coat of arms with golden rose assigned to the village in 1536 by the bishop of Olomouc Thurz. The village was enriched most during the reign of Silesian dynasty of Syrakovští of Pěrkov. The document of the ambitiousness and success of the dynasty is the historical dominant of the village - beautiful castle. Picturesque natural scenery, rich social life and precious historical monuments invite the people to visit Stará Ves and get to know all its close and distant surroundings.


Objects of interest:

- Church of St. John Baptist

- Chapel of St. Vendelín

- Castle

- Monument to the war victims

- Ponds


Leisure time:

- Sports hall with and outdoor asphalt field

- Instructive Trail ?Medows of Proskovice?

- Cyclotourism



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