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Kozlovice lies in the foot of Beskydy Mountains at the opposite side of dominant three-peak massif of Ondřejník in the valley, which is passed through by Ondřejnice river, on the route between Frýdek-Místek and Frenštát p.R. The first written mention about the village dates back to 1294. In 1731-1742 Church of St. Archangel Michael was built close to the existing, mainly wooden, church built probably around the year 1300. The village is surrounded, apart the already mentioned peaks of Ondřejníky mountains (Skalka, Vojvodka a Solárka), also by Králova hora (mountain of legendary treasury). Kozlovice is a village with a long-term tradition of social life with various activity of the inhabitants grouped in many associations, clubs and other civil associations.
The village is currently undergoing a significant development of entrepreneurial activities, very often associated with development of tourism.

Objects of interest:

- St. Archangel Michael?s Church

- Open-air museum at the Mill

- Farmhouse and Primary school

- Paint Horse Ranch


Leisure time:

- Ski jumping resort

- Big and small gymnasium

- Table tennis hall

- Outdoor sports field

- Multi-purpose relaxing hall



Open-air museum at the Mill

Water mill of 16th century with 250 m long race and fully functional mill wheel was reconstructed and serves now especially as pub and restaurant. You will also find a museum of milling artefacts and period expositions from farms of our grandfathers and kitchens of our grandmothers. The Mill area also includes a part known as open-air museum of Kozlovice. It is a set of several imitations of picturesque historical wooden constructions with collections of folk craft tooling.




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