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GPS: 49°39'40.05"N, 18°34'17.729"E


Smilovice is situated at the foothill of sharp cline of high Godula, in massif of Moravian-Silesian Beskydy, in a beautiful and quiet surrounding on the local road between Střítež and village Řeka, which is one of the tourist centres of Beskydy. The roots of the village date back as far as to the 15th century. It was named after František Smyl, who was bringing new inhabitants here. They included especially Rumanian Walachians, who settled in the village and the entire Těšínsko region. Smilovice uses its position on the border of the natural protected area of Beskydy and becomes one of the centres of sport, recreation and tourism. The visitors can make use of the sports area with modern equipment and several tracks for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.


Places of interest:

- Parental home of Polish Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek


Leisure time:

- Sports centre

- Tennis courts

- Two cycling paths: Beskydy ? Carpatian backbone line and Jihlava ? Český Těšín journey

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