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The written resources mention the village for the first time in 1305. Starting from 1417 the village name is associated with the kin of Vlčkové ?of Dobrá Zemice?, who were farmers of Upper Silesia, to whom the village belonged at least for 150 years. Dobrá distinguished itself in the past thanks to its pretentious pilgrimages to St. George, as well as the visitation of tsar Alexander returning from peaceful negotiations after the Napoleonic wars and especially by Country exhibition in 1910.


Objects of interest:

- Church of St. George with the chapels of holy heart of Jesus Christ and pure heart of the Virgin Mary

- Statue of St. John Nepomucký

- Arch-principal public house in former manor house with preserved grain barn ? protected monument

- Ondrášova krčma ? the oldest wooden construction in the surroundings of Frýdek

- Skalická Morávka ? natural protected reserve - natural wild river


Leisure time:

- Multifunctional sports resort (football, tennis, basketball, floorball, volleyball, skating rink)

- Child´s playground full of various features including rope track

- Tourist information system of Dobrá village ? path taking the visitors through the village

and making them acquainted with various technical, natural and historical interesting features of Dobrá

- Sports facilities of TJ Sokol Dobrá

- High number of cycling tracks



Walk through the tourist information system of Dobrá village




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