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GPS: 49°37'21.377"N, 18°27'59.024"E


Vojtkovice village lies on the road from Dobrá in the direction to Polish republic in a slightly rolling land along the international road. Vojkovice was founded around 1500, though it is reminded for the first time only at the beginning of 1570´s. It originally belonged to Tlukové of Tošanovice, but in 1520 it is mentioned as a part of the dominion of Frýdek. Its name Vojkovice derives probably from Vojtěch, an unknown person who probably founded the fillage.

As all the villages in the surroundings Vojkovice was a village of the weavers. Apart from agricultural activities an weaving they earned their living by towing of merchants? carts on the road to Těšín or Frýdek, which had to be pushed for not a little money to both slopes, where the road led, because Vojkovice lies in the valley at the junction of three rivers - Lučina, Holčina and Račok.


Objects of interest:

- Chapel of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary

- Chapel - Belfry

- Cross


Leisure time:

- Library

- Football field

- Tennis courts

- Sports shooting range

- Marked tourist paths and cycle tracks



Vojkovice village is passed through track 6005, which has a total of 45 km and concurrently with Radegast cycle track showing the beauty of Beskydy mountain resort. It is possible to get from Vojtkovice on this route to Dobratice and Vyšní Lhoty, where it connects to the rout 46 to Český Těšín or Frýdlant nad Ostravicí. In the second direction the route 6005 takes to Žermanická dam.

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