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Bruzovice lies to the north-east of Frýdek-Místek in low highlands formed by hills belonging to Těšínská pahorkatina. This first written mention of Bruzovice village dates back to 1305. The founder and the first owner of the settlement was the nobleman Ondřej Brus, who gave the village its name. The surroundings of the village can be used for walking tours or bicycle trips. On the way we can discover several boulders that are in the surroundings of the village and in the nearby forest. We will follow the marked path in the north-eastern direction, we will get to the crossing of tourist trails at the dam of Žermanice. From there we can continue back to Bruzovice around Kaňovice and across Sedliště. In the northern direction from the crossing at Žermanice Dam we can reach Havířov, in the southern direction we will set out around the feeder road to Žermanická dam to Beskydy to Prašivá peak. If we set out from Bruzovice in the south-western direction, we will reach Frýdek-Místek and further to water reservoir of Olešná.


Objects of interest:

- Protected trees: English oak, Hornbeam and European ash

- Parish church of St. Stanislav, stone cross, stone staircase with four statues

- Chapel in Lipno of 1865 (Pazderna direction)

- Na Zálesí chapel of 1875 (outskirts of Lučina)

- Peasant house of 1754 in the centre of the village

- Village homestead ? farm no. 10 of 1858

- Fire station of 1904, historical fire engines (1897, 1936)


Leisure time:

- Grass playground

- Natural winter skating rink

- Sauna

- Stable, possibility of a horse ride



Trips to the countryside of Bruzovice on a bike, cross-country skiing or on foot. Apart from others there is a beautiful view of Moravian-Silesian Beskydy.




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