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Dolní Domaslavice

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Dolní Domaslovice is located in Czech part of Silesia on the territory of Těšínská pahorkatina. The municipality lies on the bank of Žermanická Dam in an imaginary triangle between Havířov, Český Těšín and Frýdek ? Místek. The first documented mention dates back to 1305, when Domaslovice appeared in the list of Bishop elevenses. It was founded and named by the prince Domaslav. The municipality is attractive with its broken topography and numerous escape coverts, forests and winding streams, with beautiful views of the dam or nearby Beskydy mountains. It is a frequently sought destination of cycling trips and lovers of water sports - swimming, bathing, yachting and fishing.

Žermanická Dam, together with the nearby Moravian-Silesian Beskydy, make Dolní Domaslovice popular recreational resort of the neighbouring cities of the Ostrava Conglomeration.


Objects of interest:

- Belfry and Calvary at Volovec and in the part of Zavadovice

- Museum exposition


Leisure time:

- Newport Ranch stable

- Multipurpose court (especially for volleyball)

- Žermanka restaurant with sand beach

- Pohoda restaurant with fitness room



On the cycling tours we can see Calvary with belfry or we can look out from the highest peak ?U Lipek?, 378 meters above the sea level. In the building of the municipal authority we can find a small part of the exposition of the well known writer and collector Jan Skarka.




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