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Žermanice lies to the north of Frýdek-Místek and is an entrance gate to the recreation resort of Žermanice dam reservoir. The oldest preserved written record about Žermanice dates back to 1450. The special feature of Žermanice is a natural monument Žermanický open cast mine, which occupies an area of almost two hectares. It originated during construction of Žermanická dam reservoir. On the bottom there is a wetland ecosystem with an extensive water surface with several species of plants included in the list of critically endangered species or species close to extinction.

Žermanice is known especially because of the dam reservoir, which was constructed in the period from 1951 to 1958. The dam is 314 m long and 38 m high. Water occupies a total of 248 ha with a total volume of 25.3 million of cubic meters of water. Maximum depth of the tank reaches to 28 m. The dam serves as a water reservoir and is also suitable for recreational purposes and fishing. Žermanice village extends along the right side of Lučina river. In the surroundings of the village we find several small forests and groves. The village is by-passed in eastern and western direction by local cycling paths, on which we can follow the dam bank or ride to the near water reservoir Těrlicko, or in the southern direction to Beskydy. If we set forth from the village in the south-eastern direction to Soběšovice, we will reach the blue tourist mark, which crosses the region. In the south-western direction we can take the blue tourist path around natural monument to Frýdek-Místek. North-western direction takes you to Těrlicko dam reservoir.


Objects of interest:

- Chapel of Nativity of the Virgin Mary

- Natural monument Žermanický lom

- Žermanice water reservoir

- Fish breeding


Leisure time:

- Library

- Multipurpose sports field

- Boat house with rental of boats and sports utensils

- Sports and ordinary fishing




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