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Těrlicko lies on the sides of Těšínský pahorkatina to the west of Český Těšín.

It belongs to the oldest villages in Těšínsko region. According to some findings it can be one thousand years old. The first written mention about Těrlicko dates back to 1229. Original Těrlicko was stretching out along Stonávka river. In 1953 it was decided to build up a dam. The construction was started in 1955 and the works were finished in 1961. Great part of the village had to be flooded. In the time of construction, its 617 m long and 25 meter high rock-fill dam belonged to the biggest ones of this type in Europe. The perspective of the village is given by the nature of the recreation resort and position on the important traffic artery connecting Ostrava and Havířov with the biggest border crossing to Poland Český Těšín. Folk architecture and specific type of settlement together with the unique nature of this territory is a precious and attractive area of the tourists.


Objects of interest:

- Těrlicko water reservoir

- St. Lawrence Church

- Statue of St. John Nepomucký

- Larisch´s castle

- Summerhouse

- Memorial of the pilots

- Jaškovská krčma (pub)

- Sculptors? park


Leisure time:

- Těrlická dam

- Instructive Trail titled ?Wetlands of Těrlicko?

- Water ski lift



Jaškovská krčma ? the restaurant is located in a building, whose part dates back to 13th century. The first written mention about this particular pub, which is one of the oldest in Silesia, dates back to 1268. The building is divided in two floors with halls of various size and excellent terrace, which offers an unrepeatable view of the dam water level.

Instructive Trail ?Wetlands of Těrlicko? ? leads along the meanders of Stonava stream in the top catch reservoir of Těrlická dam through an interesting natural environment of floodplain and wetland nature.





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