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Lučina lies in the north-eastern part of Frýdek-Místek district in Těšínská pahorkatina, southwards from Havířov, on the left bank of Žermanická dam. It was officially founded on 8th January 1956 on the original lands of Soběšovice, Dolní a Horní Domaslovice, after Žermanická dam had been finished. The dam reservoir in Lučina near žermanice was built in the period from 1951 to 1957. The system of water management works in the Morávka and Lučina river basin was subsequently enriched by the reservoir on Morávka. The reservoir and its surroundings are a popular recreational resort.

There are excellent conditions for summer recreation in Lučina, camping sites, summer restaurants and well-maintained beaches.


Objects of interest:

- Chapel of St. Anne and Jochim

- Žermanická dam

- Memorial tree

- Series of fish ponds on Řetník stream


Leisure time:

- Gymnasium and playground

- Playground founded by Sokol organization



Minigolf course and beach volleyball




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