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Albrechtice municipality lies to the south of Karviná city on the north confines of Těšínská pahorkatina in a picturesque valley, which is flown through by Stonávka River. The oldest written mention dates back to 1447, in which we get to know that at that time the municipality was already a yeoman village with a parish church. The name of the municipality can be related to the surname of Albrecht, vice-chamberlain of the principality of Těšín. The oldest building in the municipality is the baroque church of 1766 built from solid oak logs lined with fir wood, with shingle roof, standing in the cemetery, which was reconstructed by the municipality in 2008.
It is currently a protected monument of folk architecture. Other protected objects include bricked chapel of 1844 in Pacalůvka settlement, Workers? house of 1908 and wayside cross. The oldest bricked building in the municipality is the building of basic and nursery school with Polish teaching language built in 1828.


Objects of interest:

- St. Peter and Paul?s Church

- Public house ? workers? house with memorial plaque

- Wooden church in Albrechtice


Leisure time:

- Playground

- Equestrian club for children and the young

- Pétanque

- Cycle path



Wooden baroque Roman-Catholic church of St. Peter and Paul

Pilgrimage, which traditionally takes place at the end of June in Zámostí area

Cart racing in the area of Zámostí

Fitness ? pizzeria, stylish family restaurant. It offers a wide selection of pizza, grilled specialities, fast meals made to order and a pleasant environment both outdoor as well as indoor.





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