Kostel sv. Petra a Pavla (St. Peter and Paul?s Church)

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Locality: Albrechtice


We will find the first mention about Parish St. Peter and Paul?s Church in Albrechtice in the records of the episcopate of Vratislav of 1447. In those times the church was in protestant hands, from which it was removed in 1654 and handed over back to the Catholics. Several visitation protocols were preserved from the second half of 17th century, which imply that the church was consecrated to St. Archangel Michael. Information about establishment and financial circumstances of the church is also from that particular period.

All the reports are consistent in the fact that frequent floods in not a distant village Stonávka damaged the church considerably. In the half of 18th century was so damaged that it had to be demolished and in 1766 it was replaced with a new construction. The name of the architect is unknown, it could be the master carpenter Josef Glombek, who built a very similar church in Stonava in 1779.

It is a single-aisle wooden construction with stone substructure of rectangular ground plan with partially forwarded quadrilateral tower in the front face, finished with imperial dome. It has got saddle roof with a small tower. Modest interior of the church and relatively poor in details is documented by the inventory of 1808.

Contact: Visit can be organized at the parish office at the tel. : 596 428 448

Arrival: In the direction from Těrlická dam approximately 300 m to the left from the main road. Albrechtice can be reached by bus from Karviná and Havířov as well as by train ? on the route from Ostrava Svinov to Český Těšín.

GPS: 49°47'11.54"N 18°31'43.17"E



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